Short and sweet

No 2,000-word features here. Efficient, listy, blurby, rounduppy stories that illustrate my expertise in brevity.

10 things to do with your beerstagrams: Ideas for your glassy, drippy beer photos.

You DO love dark beer: The quick and dirty on beer's darkest styles.

Pumpkin perfection: Four steps to good gourds.

Quick-n-dirty cleaning primers: How to clean kitchen messes & What do you REALLY have to dry-clean? & How to hand-wash a car

Garden party: Four new beer gardens ditch German kitsch for street style.

5 beer-inspired skincare products you'll love: Market-editing the best sudsy skincare.

4 twisted beer-and-pretzel spots:
Bars that take beer/pretzel pairing to new heights.

Beery beach bars: Where to go for a cold one in hand and sand in your toes.